How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photoshoot

First off, welcome Baby Hudson! Last month Caitlin sent me an email that their baby was born a week early! So exciting! I thought I’d share their beautiful newborn session and also give you some tips on preparing for your newborn session:

1. Make sure baby has a full belly

Babies are unpredictable, I totally get it! So this isn’t always possible but if you start nursing or feeding 45 minutes before I get there, it’s worth a shot to have a happy and sleepy baby  :)

2. Use the room with the best light

This is likely the nursery or master bedroom so it might be worth just decluttering or moving it to another location for the session. I’m happy to help with this! We want indirect, natural light.

3. Pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and any personal touches.

As a lifestyle photographer, I typically photograph baby in their own elements. No bean bags or backdrops necessary :) just a comfy bed and some textured neutral blankets will make for some beautiful photographs of your little one:

4. Turn off the A/C and turn on the heat! Unless you’re in CA where we’re currently having a 90 degree October *eye roll*

Keeping the house temperature warmer will help keep him/her cozy and happy because baby won’t be swaddled in warm clothes and blankets while we’re taking pictures. Newborns get cold FAST and then they get unhappy…fast. We will be sweating but it’s all so those little baby feet don’t turn purple!

5. Let go of your expectations

Babies are so unpredictable! If he or she (or mom and dad!) is having a bad day…just reschedule.  If you had the worst night of sleep and can’t hold back tears (this happened to me for my daughters newborn session so…we rescheduled!), just let me know that you need to schedule for another day. I’ve been there and it’s no big deal, we will find a day that works for your little one. We’re at the mercy of baby so just know that I can roll with the punches and if you need to nurse, change, feed, burp or just take a minute during our session, it’s okay :)



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