About Me

First off, congratulations to YOU! Zach, my husband (so weird that I can say that!), and I just got married in August of 2013 so we are very familiar with what you are experiencing. It’s super exciting, a little stressful and about to be the best time of your lives (if it’s not already!). Let me be the gazillionth person to tell you that all that stress is worth all that happiness…trust me :)

Zach and I started growing my business in 2011, right after and partially during my college graduation and then in mid-2012, Zach decided to take his passion and build Patterson Films. But let me back up a bit…
I started taking pictures in my teenage years. My mom just thought I took too many pictures of flowers and hogged her digital camera. After I took a film photography course and learned how to actually use a camera, I really fell in love.

I am so inspired by film and it’s ability to capture such a soft and organic look. While I shoot primarily digital, my roots started in the dark room. Film photography inspired me to pursue my college education at Brooks Institute, where I spent long days in the studio and copious hours in front of renowned instructors and computer screens. There I earned my Bachelors Degree.

Like most good things in life, my path to becoming a wedding photographer was sudden and unexpected. My passion for people and capturing beauty in all things finally had an expressive outlet. When I dove into it, I never looked back.

Photographing weddings is my passion and continually pushes me as a photographer to be better than yesterday. To be honest, it all makes sense that I’m not only a photographer, but a wedding photographer. And now that I’m married, I can’t imagine it any other way. Reliving your special day is the best thing in the world aside from actually getting married and I get to do that for you! I think it’s a given that I’m a hopeless romantic ;)

I like things pretty, pink, honest and real. We’re currently obsessed with our espresso machine french press, we sing silly songs (mostly about our dogs) and are convinced we could live our lives in song! I love it when we get to slow down and enjoy being outside. When I’m not behind my camera you can most likely find me behind a computer! It’s true. But, seriously, when I take a day off I’m usually enjoying the company of my husband (LOVE that I can say that!), our spoiled and slightly human dog, Miles, and our newest addition, his little sister, Molly.

Photos courtesy of Danielle Poff