Restless and directionless in life, there's a yearning deep inside of you that says "this isn't it"... but you don't know what "it" is. Online classes and workshops leave you feeling confused & overwhelmed. No longer feeling like yourself and wanting to so badly for someone to give you the answers.

At 21 years old, fresh out of college, I set out to be an entrepreneur with a photography degree, my camera, and a passion. I built a 6 figure business by the age of 24, became a mom at 25, and that's when my identity started to crumble.

I  believe in intention over hustle and that women are superheroes. 

I teach women how to redefine who they are, find their worth,

and build a magnetic, abundant life. 

I wasn't alone in my struggles of "balancing it all" and maintaining the growth in my business. As my entrepreneur-friends took me to coffee asking for my advice and strangers on the internet wanting me to mentor them, I quickly became an advocate for moms having inner-freedom, self realization and like-minded support.

a new found purpose.

In 2019 I started the quest to finding out what I was called to do. Through failures, a pandemic, & a shitload of self development, I restarted my podcast & revamped my brand to reflect the work I always wanted to do but didn't believe I could.

Instead of who I thought I needed to be, who I should be, or who I always was - I now practice radical acceptance of who I am (it's a process) and that my worth isn't defined by my productivity or money that I make.

I'm a relentless, go-with-the-flow, Type A creative. I'm a chaotic recovering perfectionist & fearful adverturist. I don't make sense and yet, here I am. I'm a deep thinker, a big feeler, and HUGE believer that you can do anything. Your inner peace is not situational and life will always challenge you. Be a seeker. Be a helper. Don't give up.

Everyone wants to live someone else's life because they think it's easier, happier, or richer. it looks like a destination. but all that happiness and fulfillment happens while living, not upon arrival.

- majesta