I'm a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer and I preserve the fleeting moments that might be the most important day of your life or a normal, yet beautiful, day with your children. I love to work with couples and families that value getting to know one another through communication and trust.

Inspired by your unique story, my wish is to show you how special and beautiful your relationships are with organic & timeless imagery; and that the experience can be easy-going and enjoyable.

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If you've ever seen our Instagram, well, you know...our babies are our world. We never imagined parenthood would change us like it did. It strengthened our marriage, made us re-evaluate our goals and gave us a new purpose in life. Parenthood is so special to us and watching our couples grow their families warms our heart every day.

Zach might think that I ground the family, however, I would say that we ground each other. It's true, he is the comedic relief of the family, but he may have a contender with Miss Scarlett. Zach started serving our couples through video in 2012 and we've been lucky to work together since! 

Scarlett & Asher

Most mornings you can find me with coffee in hand, writing in my gratitude journal before rushing off to CrossFit. While I'm working, I've usually got a business podcast in my ear. I'm a sucker for a fiction best seller (I started a book club to prove it), the Bachelor is a guilty pleasure & quality time with my loved ones is my love language. Preferably with a board game and a glass of wine ;)



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