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5 Unexpected Lessons I Learned By Launching My New Business


One year ago, last September, I launched my first online program that helped mom entrepreneurs develop a strategy to grow their business on their terms, without burnout. I learned SO much from tactical implementation, software, integrations to how much mental fortitude it takes to get through a launch.

I’ve since launched a second time, rebranded the podcast, avoided many shiny objects that led me astray, and ultimately landed here a year later.

These are the unexpected lessons that I learned from launching a new business that I didn’t know the first time (or at least didn’t have the self-awareness to realize):

  1. You can do anything but not everything. Be insanely loyal to one mission and consistently talk about it. Attempting to juggle and offer too many things causes confusion and you lose ’em. Small consistency compounds and builds momentum. Diversifying your offers leads to stress and overwhelm for everyone!
  2. Taking care of yourself is taking care of others. Getting enough sleep, resting when you need it, deleting Instagram off your phone for a weekend, whatever you need. You’ll be able to show up better for others if you take care of yourself. Rest, do not quit.
  3. Growth + Grit + Grace. Being resourceful is the trait of every successful entrepreneur. Get scrappy, be the student, continue to learn. Having a growth mindset, being unafraid of hard work, and giving yourself the grace that you’re doing your best. As high achievers, we can be awfully hard on ourselves.
  4. Believe it until you become it. Forget fake it til’ you make it. Nobody will buy from you if you’re faking it. But if you believe it – if you believe in yourself, that confidence exudes. You’ll turn into a magnetic force and manifest the becoming of your vision. No one will believe you until you do.
  5. Be prepared to pivot. Pivoting gets a bad rap because of bad pivots. Ultimately, every smart business owner will pivot to the demands and needs of an industry. Once you embrace that pivoting is part of the process, you open up the opportunities to expand your purpose & increase revenue. It’s when your mind is open to possibility, no limits.

Pivoting isn’t Plan B; it’s part of the process.

Jeff Goins

Ultimately, no business strategy can prepare your mind for the resiliency it needs to start and grow a business at this time. There’s no better time but also no harder time with social media because of it’s accessibility to….everyone.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires discipline against distractions and confidence against comparison.

I have no doubt that you have fears and big dreams to start or build up your business – run with it, my friend. You will fly, soar, maybe stumble, and you’ll get back up. You won’t know until you try it.

And if you’re wanting guidance and support through it, we’re launching Pivot to Profit for the second time this fall. Stay tuned!

Love, M

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