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Recovering perfectionist, deep conversation seeker, and creative entrepreneur. Majesta is an award-winning photographer, entrepreneur & aspiring thought leader.

Majesta dabbles in podcasting, where she offers vulnerable and powerful conversations around living life full of purpose and the audio version of blog posts.

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Majesta, white, 29 year old woman, in a yellow shirt and jeans walking inside a warehouse with a notebook in hand.

I’ve been repeating this mantra to myself for the past couple weeks – “I am enough”. But not enough like…I’m half-assing the way that I parent and that’s good enough. I couldn’t possibly let that go undefined, even to myself. Enough is my effort as it is, without overthinking, overanalyzing, or worry, it’s exactly what […]

Restless, Directionless, and Accomplished, Are You Ever “Enough”?