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How to Choose A Wedding Photographer

Client Tips

by Majesta Patterson

Most couples in this generation value photography, it surrounds and consumes us on a daily basis with social media! This has also created a phenomenon of ‘photographers’ and it can be challenging and nerve wracking wondering if you’re making the right choice. After all, there are no redo’s and it is an expensive investment. No pressure. Just kidding. But seriously! I know this is a once-in-a-lifetime decision and it’s also one that should stand the test of time – your kids and their children will likely pour over your beautiful photos someday and you want to love them too.

Of course, I’m biased. I want to be your photographer, duh! But I recognize that more goes into it than that and that I’m not always the right fit for a bride and groom. Budget’s aside, because let’s be honest, budgets CAN be flexible, I highly recommend you consider these three things…

1. Do you like their photography style and aesthetic? Does it move you?

Usually this is what draws people in at first. You see beautiful photos on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and YOU HAVE TO HAVE THEM. That’s a good feeling to have! Photographers do post the best of the best and they are proud of the “money” shots. Dig a little deeper in their website to get a better idea of their current work and don’t be afraid to ask them to see a full gallery.

2. Do you like THEM, you know, as a person? :)

This is insanely important and my hope for all couples is that they chat with their photographer either over the phone, FaceTime or in person before hiring. At the very least, follow them on social media and see what their personality is like! You don’t want to have a clash of personalities or be uncomfortable with your photographer on your wedding day. I actually address this in my first email to potential clients, “I want you to connect with my work but ALSO with me!” Engagement sessions are also a great time to get to know your photographer and see how they work.

3. Do past clients recommend this photographer?

I’ve heard too many horror stories about bad experiences with photographers. Check out their reviews and testimonials (something I’m working on gathering as we speak!). Look at The Knot, Yelp or Facebook reviews of the person you’re considering hiring, even if it came as a personal recommendation from someone you trust. Don’t be afraid to ask the photographer if you can contact a past client of theirs too! Remember: no one is perfect but you can avoid some worrisome situations by doing this little bit of research ahead of time.

I hope this few, yet important, things will help you find the perfect photographer for your wedding day! Focusing on these three things will help ensure that you’re not only thrilled with the photos but also with your experience. Bonus – these same tips can be used when you’re looking for a photographer for your family, pregnancy, newborn, etc.

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