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I truly believe that you can do anything - but you need to believe it too. Your mindset & skillsets are your greatest assets to your business - allowing you to use any strategy to catapult your business.

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Apps that I use daily in my business

by Majesta Patterson

April 2, 2019

  1. Planoly – database for my social media photos and allows me to schedule my Instagram posts. Has great statistics and is a great way to visualize your newsfeed.
  2. Asana – Keep my projects, client work, ideas & daily to-do’s in one place to manage. I like that I can assign deadlines, attach them to team members
  3. Canva – If you haven’t been using Canva, you need to! It’s really great for graphics, it has a whole catalog of stock photos, it has great font options and is really customizable. We use it for a lot of marketing material
  4. Google Drive – I recently switched to Google Drive and LOVE using it to organize my documents, write down my notes (vs. using the notes app). I love it for sharing purposes, I can easily share it with Zach and get his input. I’ve also used other features it has like Google Sheets and Surveys – SO EASY and free.
  5. 17Hats is my client management software. The name says it all: you’re a small business owner that wears a lot of hats. Now this might not be the best option for everyone but I’ll tell you what I do with it and you can decide if it sounds like it would work for you:
  • Invoice clients
  • Contract templates
  • Email templates
  • Quote projects
  • Schedule a workflow of all those combined items.

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