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I'm a girl who started a business at 21 with a photography degree and a passion. After adding kids to the mix, my passion turned into supporting like-minded biz moms to pursue their big goals and create the lifestyle they love. I love all things pink, a big breath of fresh air, Peloton cycling and hitting up our local wineries in the sunshine!

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Figuring Out Where & When to Start when you’re feeling stuck


by Majesta Patterson

Here’s my tips on figuring out when & where to start:

Where to start?

  • I want you to look OUTSIDE of the industry you’re in. When we’re focused on our industry only, we start comparing and stop innovating in our businesses.
  • By looking outside our business, we can draw from other businesses best practices to utilize them in our business. Again, adapting and innovating in our business.
  • Find a community that has like minded individuals.
  • List out ALL the things, hopes, dreams, big ideas, silly ideas, crazy ideas.
  • Reorder and prioritize them, group them together. Use a project management board to organize them.
  • What needs to happen in order to accomplish those things? List them out in subtasks.
  • Dedicate 5 hours a week to this. Surely you can stay up 1 hour per day after the kids go to sleep. 1 hour while they nap per day. 3 hours on the weekend, 2 hours on Monday night.
  • Start knocking down those ideas! Start implementing so you can start improving them.

I know that a lot of you are feeling stuck because you feel like you have of lack of resources, fear of it being hard and failing, procrastination. I want you to know that the resources, the support, they are out there. There are so many resources out there and you are kidding yourself if you think that’s a good enough excuse.

Your strategy to starting has to be defined by:

  1. Your Big vision
  2. The Big Rocks (the big things that need to happen in order for the big vision to become real)
  3. The Actionable Steps to achieve the big rocks.
  4. DOING the steps!


First, if you’re asking when to start, you’re already procrastinating it so just do it. Anyone who is asking when is pushing it off. So let’s call it how it is, there’s no better time than now. You’ve already been putting it off so let me just real talk you and say: do it now.

You are the dumbest in your business RIGHT NOW so start doing so you can start learning.

Use opportunities to grow as opportunities to learn, instead of thinking of them as opportunities to fail.

Still unsure?

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