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Thinking in a Small Bubble vs. Playing Big Picture for the Mompreneur


by Majesta Patterson

When you’re in a specific industry, it’s really hard to see outside of it. I attended a conference earlier this year that sucked me out of the Bubble.

As I stood up in front of 39 other badass CEO’s, I felt very. Very. small.

These women and a few (2) men had BIG visions that I didn’t know were even within my reach. But they were also struggling with some of the same things that I was. Protecting my Yes’s. Saying no to things that don’t align. Lowering my expectations for myself. Clarifying my goals. That it’s okay to change course and pivot. To dream bigger. We all seemed to share and experience a lot of the same challenges of mindset.

I felt like what does little ole’ me as a wedding and portrait photographer have to contribute to these powerhouse women who are making big moves in their businesses?! I truly felt like the dumbest person in the room and I clung to that. It makes me so uncomfortable to even say that because I HATE FEELING DUMB.

But it was so humbling and eye-opening. Although I wasn’t near where they were, I was ambitious like them. I had goals like theirs. We shared a tenacity that I rarely found and I was invited to sit amongst them.

I had the ability to reach for the same things they were. Just because I didn’t know how to get there or how to do them yet, didn’t mean that I was less than them.

We have to believe beyond our current circumstances. Brooke Castillo says

”When you think big for yourself and when you believe in that dream big for yourself, that requires the skill of believing in yourself. It requires the skill in believing in possibility and believing in things beyond our current socialization and beyond our current programming requires effort and requires a skill. The better we get at believing things that are not yet true, the better we get at believing things that are not yet true. “

Brooke Castillo

Something that still puzzles me, and I’m sure there’s a Brooke Castillo answer to this, is that before I attended this conference/workshop, I had been previously listing my goal to make $250k in my business. That was taboo for me to even mention to anyone, I’m not sure why. It felt significant and doable but it honestly didn’t drive me to make a change in my business.

I suppose that was a huge difference in what I’m going to tell you.

Walking away from this business planning conference, where I was pushed to dream big and get out of my comfort zone, I saw the potential impact that I could have on others and it lit my fire!

I had a plan in place, I was armed with resources, I had people in my corner. And my goal quickly changed to building a 7 figure business.

I have only ever joked about being a millionaire someday. If I got honest with myself, it didn’t seem feasible. No one in my family is a millionaire. That figure seemed out of reach.

Until I started believing that my impact was completely in reach of that. I have talked about my goals of having a 7 figure business in 4 months more than I ever shared my goals of making $250k.

I truly believe that I will someday. Sure, it feels scary to put out on there on my podcast when you can all listen back to this someday lol. BUT since then, I have started taking MASSIVE action in my business. This podcast is one of them. And if you haven’t heard, I’m releasing my mentorship program this Spring! Massive action you guys.

When we allow ourselves to dream bigger and we get really EXCITED about this big picture, we are motivated to take big action.

Your Big Picture doesn’t have to have a dollar sign attached to it. For me, that figure opened doors that I wasn’t able to open previously. Speaking on stages, writing a book, launching a mentorship program, starting a podcast. The big picture you guys!

Let me go back and remind you that when I attended this conference, how I small I really felt. Truly moved to tears at how inadequate I felt. I think at lunch that day I called Zach because I wasn’t able to hold back my emotions of inadequacy. I felt SO SMALL.

No one made me feel that way except myself. I couldn’t see past my current identity as a wedding photographer to see what else I was capable of. Disclaimer: NOTHING is wrong with being a wedding photographer. I have loved my career as a photographer and will always be photographing. I just know that I held self-limiting beliefs AS a photographer when I felt big pulls towards something bigger than who I was as a photographer. I hope that makes sense.

I want you to imagine yourself in a bubble with a thriving, buzzing world around you. And only with your beliefs of something bigger and greater, can you pop that bubble. What is it that would allow you to the pop it? What’s that big picture that you’re afraid of? You don’t have to share it with anyone but I want you to write it down every day in your gratitude journal as you have already accomplished it. I write every day, “I have a 7 figure business that impacts thousands.” Watch how it shapes your actions. Watch how it shifts your thinking. Your big picture doesn’t just feel better, it FEELS BIGGER.

I feel like that was really heavy and that we just did therapy haha. I just know that if you’re listening you feel like you’re holding back and I want you to know that you don’t have to. You are allowed to dream big. You are allowed a bigger picture.

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