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The Realities of Running a Business with Babies


by Majesta Patterson

Today, I just have an honest conversation about how running a business with babies is HARD. I want you to feel less guilt around doing things for yourself, running your business and raising your babies by being equipped with tools to carving out space for it all.

I’ve seen a recurring theme pop up around me: how do you get work done while raising tiny humans?! The truth is, most working moms have childcare.

Every kid is different – what works for you might not work for someone else. So take advice with a grain of salt, even mine. Because guess what, I have childcare 3 days a week! I truly don’t know how mamas do it full time.

  1. Schedule it. Create boundaries for yourself and your kids. Create a family schedule and schedule your work time into it!
  2. Mom swap: is there a local mom that would be willing to swap childcare days with you?! That could give you 4-6 hours of work in ONE DAY.
  3. YMCA: A lot of moms I know use the YMCA as a resource to have childcare while they work out, get work done and spend an hour to themselves. Look into your local YMCA.

You will be a better mom when you get intentional about what you’re doing with your business life. You’ll be able to be more present and more productive in both family life and business life by knowing exactly what needs to happen in your business to make things grow and move the needle.

Do Less by Kate Northrup
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Girl Wash Your Face & Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

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