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29 Lessons I’ve Learned in 29 Years


by Majesta Patterson

Insight to things that I’ve learned in 29 years and it NEVER stops!

I had a lot of trouble with these actually! I’ve learned a lot but it’s also easy to get really serious about EVERYTHING. This is meant to be light hearted and fun but also enlightening. Maybe more for me than you, but I hope that it makes you reflect in all the years you’ve been around.

  1. I will forever feel 10 years younger internally than I actually am.
  2. Gratitude can become a habit that shapes the positivity in your mind.
  3. Working out makes me feel grounded, alive and like my truest self.
  4. Being around the right people energizes me. Being around the wrong people deflates me.
  5. Not to take life too seriously. I tend to get stuck in routine mode and forget to just relax.
  6. I have a need for spontaneity and a schedule.
  7. Ideas flow to me when I’m out on a walk.
  8. I don’t hold enough space and grace as I do for others.
  9. No diet or lifestyle change will make me give up cookie ice-cream (preferably oreo, chocolate chip cookie dough or oatmeal types)
  10. Most thoughts and ideas have been captured in life, in different forms, in different words, in different ways.
  11. It’s worth seeing the good first because it’s always easier to go negative.
  12. We are constantly changing!
  13. Communication truly is the cornerstone of relationships. And it’s not just speaking, it’s listening and understanding.
  14. I have high expectations for myself and I’m still trying to figure it all out.
  15. Motherhood shaped me into a better person.
  16. Marriage is hard but spending your life with a partner is well worth the work.
  17. Intuition is to be listened to, not to be dampened.
  18. Friendships require loving and supporting each other through your differences.
  19. Vulnerability is brave, it’s strong and it’s always worth it because it’s the truth.
  20. Empathy and compassion are some of my weaknesses, but something that I will always strive to have and understand. (remember vulnerability).
  21. Fear has many forms that disguise as different things.
  22. My love languages are acts of service and quality time.
  23. I will always be out for blood over board games. My competitiveness runs deep.
  24. Books are an escape for me.
  25. As an ENFP, I love teaching, helping and nurturing others. It’s innate.
  26. Makeup and a brush make me feel ready for the day- I hate feeling lazy!
  27. I only love shopping if it involves mimosas and brunch.
  28. Experiences over things will always stick with me longer.
  29. How much more I have to learn.

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