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Social Media Marketing Ideas & Tips


by Majesta Patterson

I hope that today helps you feel confident and unique in the way that your sharing and educating your clients and doing it from a place of excitement & passion.

  • You full heartedly believe in what your service or product is, it’s okay to be excited about it!
  • Here are some things that I see working REALLY well and a lot can and should be applied to any business:
    • Sharing AND educating how YOU use it in your life and also talking about why you use it and for what.
      • You never know what will resonate with others.
      • Educating is key here. You know how the products work, what the companies mission is, you know what the offer is.
    • Email marketing
    • Blogging about our favs
    • Live videos
    • Not only sharing your products.
    • Sharing related stories to your products.
    • Testimonials/before and after
    • Talking about it, even when it feels repetitive.
    • Facebook Groups
    • NOT DMing people, bad! Have you ever been solicited at the door or cold called for an ad?


  1. Take my Social Media Marketing quiz and figure out which platform resonates most with your ideal client and your personality.
  2. Use the content calendar freebie that I give you with your results to map out how you’re going to consistently post based on sales, specific products, how they’re used and certain missions the company has that will resonate with buyers.
  3. Email marketing. No matter which platform, talk directly to your buyers and keep them updated on your lives, your deals, your specials, the discounts, your fav products, etc. Talk to them/write to them like their you’re BFF!

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