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I'm a girl who started a business at 21 with a photography degree and a passion. After adding kids to the mix, my passion turned into supporting like-minded biz moms to pursue their big goals and create the lifestyle they love. I love all things pink, a big breath of fresh air, Peloton cycling and hitting up our local wineries in the sunshine!

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How to Save Time with Workflow & Systems


by Majesta Patterson

Stop reinventing the wheel every week and create systems that help streamline your workflow.

  • How to create workflows in your business to create consistency and efficiency so you don’t lose your mind trying to reinvent the wheel every week.
  • I realize that as I’ve mentored people over the years, workflows are something you recognize that you need but don’t necessarily know where to start.
  • Workflows and systems should be created for tasks you do regularly for instance, for a photographer:
    • Editing
    • Blogging
    • Albums
    • Client communication (on board new clients, send invoices, follow up for timeline and location, final wedding info, etc.)
  • There are things you do on a weekly, monthly or even daily basis that get repeated. You probably already have a workflow and system for them that you repeat, you just don’t have it documented.
  1. Audit systems that you have in place right now and identify whats working and what doesn’t and figure out if there’s better ways to do it. Research or go to your biz friends to find out what htye’re doing to optimize your workflow.
  2. Automate as much as possible! What tasks do you do repetitively? Certain emails, onboarding clients, client communication, templates,
    1. Email examples
    2. Questionnaire examples
    3. Email newsletter examples
  3. Delegate or Eliminate – you can’t do it all. Often we create more work than necessary and we need to be focusing on the things that are actually creating growth, unless you have the capablity to outsource.
  4. Document your actions for a specific project. What are the steps that you take every time you write a blog, create new content, take new photos, etc. Use these workflows as templates for you daily, weekly or monthly tasks.
  5. Batch and repurpose content. Podcast example.

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