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How to Build Your Tribe

by Majesta Patterson

July 24, 2019

How to build your tribe:

What does that mean? It means to have people, a community, supporting, trusting and rooting you on. They seek value from you whether it’s in inspiration or entertainment or tips. Tribe literally means a community linked with a common culture. 

  • It’s kind of like making friends in real life: you find something you have in common with someone, you keep in touch, you enjoy similar ideas or hobbies and you build trust.
  • Once that trust is built, don’t you go to your friends for advice, solace, celebrations?? You value their opinion.
  • So building a tribe would mean that the people who define your “tribe” are people that trust, value, and support you. They are excited for you when you create something new and sad for you when something personally affects you. They are your people!

Here’s how you can build your tribe:

  • Providing value in different ways: entertainment, education, inspiration, actionable tips, advice, coaching.
  • Consistency. Posting consistently, showing up consistently and being reliable.
  • Engagement with your people! Online marketing has gotten so complicated but it’s also very simple.
  • Actually SHARING YOU or your brand’s mission/values. 
  • Video’s importance. Conflicting views. Using it in your own way.
  • I saw one example of Asos the brand posting photos that build rapport & interest with their brand and it had nothing to do with their products.

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