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Stones and Flowers Wedding, Hannah & Brett are married!


This Stones and Flowers wedding will make you swoon for many reasons…a beautiful bride in a tulle dress, a handsome Aussie groom in a navy suit and bow tie, details galore, butterfly bridal portraits, gorgeous florals and a seriously magical, candlelit barn. I’m thankful to Jenna Cole, a fellow photographer, for inviting me to shoot this wedding with her. I got to hang with Brett and his guys in the morning at Stones and Flowers and watch the transformation of the retreat. As beautiful as Stones and Flowers is, Hannah knew which details to put where and it was simply beautiful. That lady! She stayed up the night before PRINTING AND GLUING old can labels to her cans that held flowers on the tables! She’s a wedding photographer herself and had a vision for her wedding day!

Brett & Hannah, thank you for having and welcoming me into your most beautiful, fun and magical day! Congratulations!

Stones and Flowers Wedding 025

Only fitting that I paired Adam with this picture of the boutonnieres…he had the brilliant idea of taking the clock down for these detail shots :)

Oh, the pants crisis. I hate to be the one to tell you – things go wrong on wedding days. They just do! There are so many people contributing and it’s hard for anyone to coordinate it all. Hence, the pants crisis. Upon arriving to the Stones and Flowers Retreat, the guys realized that one of the pant sizes was wrong. Thankfully, Hannah had a friend to run to the mall to grab some!

This butterfly! She made for a pretty accessory to Hannah’s bridal portraits. The flower girl ended up hanging out with it most of the day :)

Billllyyy!! Hannah and Brett brought their dog, Billy. She was so cute! I just love the picture on the right.

Bourbon and cigar bar anyone? Told you Hanna knows what she’s doing!

My first Jewish ceremony!

Let me just say, I did not know how magical (I know, I keep using that word but I don’t know how else to describe it!) this image would be until I saw it on my computer. Whoa. That is magical. ;)

Adam : “Wait, can you take a picture of me? I need a really cool Facebook profile picture.” To the left, Tomer must’ve overheard :)

Every barn from now on should have bistro lights and be candlelit. Just sayin’

Stones and Flowers Wedding

I loved that Hannah’s brother MC’ed. He was great! It made the whole night feel extremely personal and fun! The accents help though :)

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  1. Hannah Chester says:

    Thanks so much for shooting for Jenna Andersen, Majesta. It was such a pleasure to have you as part of our day and you did such a beautiful job of capturing the details and energy of the day as well. You two are such a winning combination! These are just stunning <3

  2. Eric Lundberg says:

    lovely photos of a wonderful event

  3. Kristine Lundberg says:

    How wonderful! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us all. Everyone clearly had the time of their lives. Such a beautiful setting for all.

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