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Real Talk w/ Biz Moms on Time Management

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This week I’m talking all about time management with Holly Gillen, Christine Rico, and Rania Chow. These women have a diverse skill set, but also a diverse motherhood experience. Christine Ricoh is the CEO and founder of CFO on speed dial. She’s raised a twenty-two-year-old and an 18-year-old living in New York. Then we have Holly Gillen, who is your go-to video gal. Holly works with high performing leading ladies to save them time on both sides of the camera, both in preproduction, production, and postproduction. Rania Chow is the lady behind ladies of STEM and she supports women who are wanting careers in STEM, which is science, technology, and math.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Getting to know Christine Rico.
  • Holly’s introduction and her background in video production.
  • How Christine’s life raising her kids in New York has molded her into the woman she is today.
  • Daily and weekly goals to help support time management
  • Product management tools, like Trello & Teamwork.
  • Using an online scheduler to block off times to be available and unavailable.
  • Strategizing and organizing your priorities and tasks to achieve your goals.
  • Our biggest struggles with time management these days and how to overcome them.

Biz Moms on the Show

Holly Gillen is a mom of 1.5 children. 19-month-old little boy and she’s 6.5 months pregnant. Two boys. Her son melts her heart every day with his contagious laugh and giant smile. She is all about systems, organization and cleaning hacks. Holly actually makes her own cleaning products. She is approaching year 7 of running her online biz and she loves what she does. Her background is in video production, and she works with high performing leading ladies to save them time on both sides of the camera. She does this by teaching them the skills they need to create not just video but, Business Cinema™. Which is the way Holly describes the next level video. Video with a plan, a purpose, a strategy & a system. Not just creating videos all willy nilly.

Connect With Holly

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Christine Rico started a consulting business when her kids were in elementary school (ages 4 and 7). She had quit a full-time job with bad commute and too much travel after her oldest child got sick in afterschool and she was more than an hour away. She stayed home for a year, and then took up consulting projects to do something interesting and still be able to make a 3 pm pick up. Now both kids are in college. She’s super proud of them – and also of the company she’s built!

CFO on Speeddial provides financial strategy support to businesses that have both a social impact and profit motive! 80% of her clients are women business owners who are struggling with growth, profitability and juggling it all. They are experts in financial analysis, decision making and growth strategy.

Christine is on a personal crusade to end the Gender Revenue Gap — women-owned companies produce 30 cents to the dollar compared with all privately owned business revenue. Financial security and empowerment go hand in hand so this has to change.

Connect with Christine:

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Rania Chow has had this passion project for 3 years. She has always had on/off back pain for more than 10 years. Definitely chronic. In 2016 it was debilitating pain and she was unable to walk around her house let alone work or “mom”. After desperately trying all the traditional therapies and medications, Rania fell into a mild depression and began to see a therapist. She happened to have a long history of pain management. With her support and Rania’s research into neuroscience (being a mechanical engineer she is a science geek at heart) she began to experience a new understanding of her chronic pain. And found her way out to pain-freedom.

To give back to the universe, Rania started a website (, IG and FB page (@herniated2health) and later on she wrote and sell an ebook that shares her journey. Along the way Rania also offered free coaching. Her clients have been seeing great results which feels incredible. She happened to resign from her corporate life in October of this year (2019) and she is exploring her opportunities to create a business when her kids are in school. The natural fit was in sharing her story and coaching even more people with chronic back pain. Rania did achieve a life coaching certificate as well.

Connect With Rania:

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