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(without wasting your precious time, adding more stress, and a raging to-do list.)

I’ll spare you the spiel. 

If you’re a mom who owns a business, a mompreneur, or a boss mom looking to make more money while working less then you probably already know that you need a business strategy.

No need to be a broken record and convince you of something that you know and feel deep down as an entrepreneurial, success-seeking, momma.

After all, you already KNOW that growing your business with a strategy will allow you to focus on what matters in your business, create more time for your personal priorities, AND attract the people you want to work with.

here's what you

might not know

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a business that’s making money, to have set personal & business goals, and continuing to book new clients (good job, mama!)... having your own business strategy can:

create more time for your family

give mental clarity

instantly boost your confidence in your biz

prioritize more space for "me time"

Your business strategy allows you to be more present with your children physically & mentally and not constantly trying to “squeeze” one more email in.

By focusing on what matters most to your business, you can rest easy knowing that you are moving the needle in your business. Instead of focusing on posting to Instagram 7 days a week (unless it’s giving you an ROI on time).

When you have an actionable plan designed for your business, the amount of confidence you gain as a business owner catapults. Thus making you more authority with pricing, delivery, and client communication.

Hard to imagine? It doesn’t have to be. Clarity and confidence will allow you see and feel that you need to be a priority, in addition to everything else, so that you can be the best for your business & kiddo’s.  

Even though the Reasons to Create
a Business Plan are a Complete No-Brainer,
The Process and “How To” in Creating One

Write down all of my goals?
I can do that.


sooo... now what?

Every year, you write down the goals that are more important to you. You’ve maybe jotted down some sort of commitment to:
✅ Show up live on Facebook.
✅ Post to Instagram 5x week. 
✅ Revamp your website.
✅ Start a podcast.
✅ Blog weekly.

If you’re super committed, maybe you even invested in an online course on marketing, started an email list that you’ll get to write to every week and decided you’re going to offer something new to your clients this year!

But even with the best intentions, most mom entrepreneurs end up forgetting their big goals, dropping their ideas like hot potatoes, and getting defeated & run down while they are trying to keep up with busy work.

Without a super clear, step-by-step plan, most goal setters don’t know how to set the right measurable goals with the right actionable steps.

They fall victim to their to-do lists, catching up on email, working late nights and focused on the wrong work (that everyone and their mom is telling them on every podcast, blog or influencer they follow) without seeing if it’s actually relevant to their business.

Here’s why most mompreneurs jump ship on their goals:

Here’s why this is pour-me-a-glass-of-Chardonnay overwhelming:

You’ve got clients to take care of, babies to feed, you literally can’t afford to waste any more time on something new.

And the moment you get excited about a new project, it’s almost impossible to find the extra time to dedicate to it.

Therefore, creating a business plan is one of the few things in your business you NEED to move the needle in your business because you can’t AFFORD to waste any more time focusing on the crap that doesn’t matter.

Which means…
Even if you’re late to the party, even if you’ve created a biz plan before, there’s still a chance for you to fully commit, clean up the chaos, and become laser-focused on what matters most. 

That is...if you can avoid the same overwhelming, to-do-list inducing mistakes that you don’t have time for.

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you need to earn more & work less

the 4 changes

no. 4

no. 3

no. 2

no. 1

Writing your goals and dreams down isn’t particularly hard or complicated. But you’re trying to do all the things, run the business, take care of the babies, and those quick, unactionable goals never become a priority.

How do I make this a priority when I can barely stay afloat with everything I have to do? When do I have the time? Let alone, the energy?

But the thing is, you can’t treat it as just another checkmark to tick off your endless list. 

The key to goal planning is making them actionable. Break them down. Baby steps. Long game. 


change 01


no. 1

no. 2

You’re overwhelmed. You are juggling A LOT. Like a lot a lot. Our to-do lists in our businesses and personal life are doomed to make us cra-zay. Solidarity, mama.

You don’t have the time to waste any longer.

I don’t want to niche because I can offer it all to everyone. I don’t want to lose potential clients if they don’t feel the same way. I want to diversify so I have multiple streams of income.

You’re trying to do it all, talking to everyone while selling to no one, unable to see if all your effort is actually doing anything. Sound about right? I know because this was me.

The end goal is to help you feel empowered, centered amongst the chaos & inspired to find purpose-driven success. 

change 02


no. 2

no. 3

My dad would ask 20 year old me, “What’s your business plan? What’s your ROI on that? Do you have a strategy?” His experience in the tech business couldn't have anything to do with my creative small biz.

In reality, I didn’t really know where to start with a business plan and didn’t have experience running a business. 

Now, 8 years later, I wish I would’ve asked for help. I wish I would’ve been more receptive to learn, even amidst my 22-year-old “busy”-ness. I would’ve saved so much time!

Business plans should be a cornerstone, the guiding light, of your business and can be morphed into whatever you want them to look like.

change 03


no. 3

no. 4

It’s time to STOP wasting time & start doing the damn thing. Yes, this program will require you to work. But it’s work that will allow you mental and eventually physical freedom to do the work that matters most.

That’s the crazy part in this. In order to earn more and work less, I had to put in work that I didn’t want to do. You know, the nitty-gritty looking at my business and seeing where I could improve. I had to real-talk myself.

Because change is scary. Admitting you don't know everything is vulnerable. Seeing your flaws requires courage. However, I also got to dream bigger than I’ve dreamed before and felt like it’s POSSIBLE because I devised a plan and strategy to accomplish it. 

Failure is only a place to learn from, it’s not a final destination. We get back up. I’m still on my journey too...
You with me?

change 04


no. 4

no. 1

 - introducing -

The Complete Step by Step Strategy for Mompreneurs
to SAVE Time for What Matters & Create Clarity in their Business
(all While Raising Tiny Humans).

with Majesta Patterson

I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned & continue to test personally as I’ve birthed my 6 figure photography business and added two babies to the mix (who are now toddlers) and poured it all into a thorough implementation program that not only teaches you how to attract your ideal client & map your customer journey - but also time & mindset management while creating your own unique business plan.

BUSY TO BREAKTHROUGH ISN’T JUST Another course BUT A CORNERSTONE STRATEGY, community & actionable plan.

Yes, you’ll learn the strategies behind everything that you do, but more importantly, you’ll have a meticulous 60-page workbook AND live presented weekly modules that leave nothing out and answers ALL of your questions.

The end result: Your unique & custom long-term strategies & tools ready to be used in your business & motherhood for the rest of your life!

IT’S BUILT by a mom entrepreneur, for a mom entrepreneur.

Running a business a mom is not the same as hustling as a 20-year-old. You’ll learn how to prioritize you as a person, as a mom & a CEO and make sure we empower you to take care of your mind and body, as well as your business.

the TOOLS aren't exclusive to MOTHERHOOD or BUSINESS,

The tools, practices, and strategies used in Busy to Breakthrough are ones that can be used in your business as it is today and in the future. You’ll have these in your mom bag for all eternity, without the extra weight.


Your business is unique and so should your business plan & strategy. It should feel good & aligned with who you are a person, your values as a brand & the people you want to serve. You get to design the business you crave.

is unique for these reasons:

breaks down

here's how it all

Imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, fear: these are just a few of the common mindsets that consume us to the point of lack of action, motivation and straight procrastination.

Here you’ll lay the foundations to overcoming your defeating thoughts and choose intentions over being victims to our situations. If you’ve ever found yourself floundering in self-doubt and feeling not good enough, this module will arm you with the practices and tools to overcome.

no. 01

Mastering Mindset & Creating Intentions

Muting negative influences, silencing comparisonitis & imposter syndrome.

Change your pattern of thoughts with the Thought Evolution Model.

Create a Daily Practice that serves YOU & commit to a Daily Practice Challenge.

Learn how to use gratitude, grace & goals to set yourself up for success every single day.

Use braindumps & downloads to clear the overwhelm and make space.

Choose your productivity method & routine for getting your tasks done efficiently.

Create a family schedule that gives you dedicated time and space for work, “me time” and family time.

module 1

module 2

This feels like a catch 22 for many: one side, you want to attract every single person who learns about your business & needs your product or service. On the flip side, you only want to work with the best, most ideal client because you’re drained by the pain-in-the-pants clients that suck the life out of you.

 "You can be a juicy ripe peach and there'll still be someone who doesn't like peaches."
 - Dita Von Teese

That purpose-driven success feels right and fuels your passion when your working with the right, ideal people for your service or product.

no. 02

Crafting Your Ideal Client Identity

Here you’ll uncover the right questions to learn and ask about your ideal client, as well as the entire BTB Strategy Framework and how to use it in your business.

Use reverse niching to clarify your brand values and messaging.

Implement the 4-Step Brand Value Framework that I’ve developed to help develop brand loyalty and consistency.

Validate your ideal client through market research and social media.

Confidently step in the shoes of your ideal client so they have no hesitancy when knowing if you’re the right person for them.

module 2

module 3

no. 03

Aligning Your Offer Promise & Mission Statement

Communication is CRITICAL in all relationships, not just your marriages.

Being able to talk to your ideal client with the challenge that they face (even if you know the issue is REALLY something else), and communicate how you can help them in ways that solve the problem they *think* they have with your offer is ...well, imperative. 

Getting specific, writing it out, and using my templates for making an aligned promise to their problem will allow you to feel confident in your mission.

Identify your ideal client’s biggest challenges in how it relates to your business or product.

Carefully distinguish what your client wants, what will solve their problem and what you can offer them.

Clearly define your mission statement using their words, your voice so that it’s genuine AND credible.

module 3

module 4

no. 04

Mapping Your Marketing Strategy & Customer Journey

Now that your ideal client, your promise & mission statement are in place (but don’t have to be set in stone so don’t worry), it’s time to develop your marketing strategy!

Here you’ll find out your social media marketing magic through market research and intuition because marketing should feel GOOD to you.

Once we do that, we’ll map out your customer journey from the top to bottom of your funnel in a visual way so that you can keep it front & center.

Finding Your Marketing Magic Social Media, Tools, Branding, SEO and Affiliates.

Implement your marketing magic so you can save time on social media.

Learn the golden rules of marketing that will help you generate a marketing strategy that relieves stress.

Use my own professionally designed brand board template to quickly create your OWN custom brand board.

module 4

module 5

no. 05

Your Big Vision & Unique GSD (Get Sh*t Done) Plan

My favorite module of all! You’ve just laid the grassroots of your beautiful business and it’s time to get to work.

This is WHERE THE ACTION HAPPENS. You’ll be equipped with the templates, inspiration & guidance to plan your dreams & goals.

You’ll break them down to stop the overwhelm and START the action. Can you tell I’m pumped? This stuff is fire under your butt. 

Learn how to plan and strategize your business as a whole pie with all the pieces in place in the previous modules.

Design your big visions and what your life will look like, no holding back.

Command your Big-Hairy-Audacious-Goals with your Minimum Viable Product and hold on tight.

Customize YOUR GSD Plan so you take out the guesswork: no more wasting time.

A complete walk through of your own project management system so you can stay organized and streamlined.

module 5

module 1

facebook group

private members-only

exclusive bonus

This is a serious group of ambitious mom entrepreneurs committed to making change in their lives and business while supporting each other through the highs & lows. 

the power of this group is:

This is not a place to sell your services, to find new clients or to judge one another. This is a tightly-knit group of mom entrepreneurs who are working on their livelihood for their families and their quality of life.

A place to bounce ideas, ask questions and gain insight of other mom entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

Troubleshoot your challenges, hang ups and speed bumps from tech to admin, mindset to sleep.

Additional eyes, ears and support on everything you create and offer.

Collective input on your creative decisions from logos to brandboards, new content & social marketing.

Create valuable friendships and partnerships that can lead to collaborations, podcast guest interviews, affiliate opportunities and so much more.

with the busy to breakthrough 5-week program, you’ll gain control over your raging to-do list  and spiraling overwhelm;
Catapult YOUR Business Strategy so
you Gain MORE Time for Your Family
without wasting your precious time & adding more stress.

more real talk:

By the end of the first 21 days, you’ll have received access to my Social Media Content Calendar for the entire year as well as the first three modules and the entire BTB 60-page Workbook.

Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to plan out the entire foundation of your business & your customer journey BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don’t feel totally confident & inspired by your business plan thus far (and your ability to take action on it), simply reach out. Show us you’ve put in the work & we’ll refund your investment.

When you join, you will be apart of the Inclusive Mom+Entrepreneur Society.


The FULL Busy to Breakthrough Program

You'll get access to the 5 modules, support documents, templates, guides, 60 page workbook, project plans & every tool you'll need to build your business strategy.

Majesta's Social Media Blueprint - All About Best Practices for Instagram, Facebook, AND Pinterest. Including apps that I use, a look at how I plan my content and specific steps to boost your social media marketing.
(Value: $497)

A Private, Members Only Mom+Entrepreneur Society for 6 weeks of Community + Accountability. Exclusive for you and inclusive to all mom entrepreneurs enrolled in Busy to Breakthrough, this is a place to troubleshoot, brainstorm & inspire one another. 
(Value: $197)

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions with Majesta for Troubleshooting & Clarity. You'll be given access to as much support as you'll need through this process. 
(Value: $497)


and you'll get...

(a $1497 value)

When you add it all up, that’s a Total Value of $2688.

put me on the waitlist, please!

frequently asked questions

A: Mama, I GET YOU. I created this for you. So busy that you can't breathe. I want the relief for you.

Busy to Breakthrough shouldn’t require more than 1-2 hours per week for the weekly modules, presented live. I suggest planning 30-45 minutes to work on your business per week, for 5 weeks.

However, everything is self-paced after the live presentation so you’ll have unlimited access to recordings & all the material at any given time to refer back to.

next question 

Q1 - Between school drop-offs, diaper changes, trying to feed my family healthy meals, keeping track of everyone's social calendar AND running my business...

I don’t have much time to dedicate to anything else - How involved is the Busy to Breakthrough Program?

next question 

Q2 - I'm trying really hard but I don't really know what I’m doing with marketing, social media, SEO and out of ideas for my strategy.

How much do I need to know before I create a plan for my business?

A2 - In short, you don’t need to have ANY experience or major knowledge with marketing your business before you join BTB. Whatever experience you have is enough.

We are going to uncover what is most authentic and genuine to you and your business and make it the most useful strategy for you.

next question 

Q3 - Will I really have the time to learn something new and implement it while I run my current business & household?

It's really hard to imagine taking on more work!

A3 - I know this feeling all too well - things can’t keep running in their current state BUT SOMETHING needs to change. It's hard to imagine adding anything else to your plate.

In BTB we also uncover what you can be replacing, erasing or automating. So don't worry, we are NOT in the business of ADDING to your to-do list. Quite the opposite.

I urge you to trust your intuition on this. We often find resistance when things are new, scary, BIG or changing. If you have a sinking amount of overwhelm, stress and uncertainty that tells me how much MORE you need this.

busy to breakthrough

is perfect for you if...

If you find yourself identifying with any of the following then you are in the right place to enroll in Busy to Breakthrough with Majesta and have your first true breakthrough moment in your business over the next 5 weeks.

You find yourself week after week working on the same things in your business and feeling overworked and tired.

You KNOW that you need a plan for your business, one that will give you more focus AND you're afraid of the change that needs to happen.

You feel very passionate about your business and want to feel passion-fueled and purpose driven for success in your biz again, instead of burnt out.

You prefer the extra step by step blueprint of this program, especially when it comes to the business-y stuff like customer journey, marketing, and key performance indicators.

You’re ready for something to give and to reclaim time with your family, SOMETHING has to give.

You’re willing to focus fully on crafting your business plan over the next 5 weeks, knowing the clarity and strategy it will create will take a weight off your shoulders and make you unstoppable in your industry.

You love connecting with other mom entrepreneurs who are “in it” right now with you and the idea of supporting each other in life and business.

So if any of the above resonates, I can’t WAIT to have you in Busy to Breakthrough and reward your commitment with a complete guide to making change and gaining back your time. 

put me on the waitlist, please!