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Private Slack Community available 24/7 for peer support & feedback.

Monthly co-working sessions
with on-demand support from Majesta. 

Weekly & Monthly Accountability with weekly check-ins and monthly goal setting.

Themed Monthly Lessons available in podcast/audio format to easily consume (while driving in the pick up line.)

inside you'll get: 

The Biz Mom Collective is for self-employed moms who are ready to take massive action without overwhelm & burnout.

It takes a village to raise your babies
AND to build your business.

stop doing it alone.

You're multi-passionate and want to add more services to your biz, but have trouble figuring out where to start.

You want passion-fueled and purpose driven success in your biz again, instead of ending burning out every season.

You’re ready to reclaim time with your family and create the lifestyle you crave for your family life.

You're dedicated to implementing your next big idea and want to establish yourself as an expert.

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the biz mom collective

is perfect for you if...

the biz mom collective

is NOT for you if...

You like the hustle & grind, overworking yourself and figuring things out the hard way.

You're all about buying online courses, even though information overload has you feeling overwhelmed.

You like doing it alone and not interested in connecting with like-minded biz moms.

You don't need the mindset strategy, you're strong enough to carry the weight of it all. You're Supermom, afterall.

more details...

Business Co-Working and Hot Seat sessions where we can brainstorm, learn from one another & gather feedback. Voxer access for quick voice messages & quick messaging.

Weekly & monthly accountabilities and check-ins via the BMC Private Slack Community. Supporting each other through collaboration, encouragement & sharing.

Foundational themed lessons encompassing business & mindset.
For example: time management, mindfulness, niche marketing, vision organizer, & more. 

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Community building like a mom-group where cover it all: business tools, dinner recipes, toddler activities, workout suggestions & binge-worthy Netflix shows. We want 'em all! 

Foundational business strategies to eliminate overwhelm & get focused AF.

Craft your unique personal action plan. your life, your business, your plan.

Like-minded biz BFF's who get it, for life.

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how it works

when you first join:

Immediate access to your first exercise. Get your pen, there's some fun journaling assignments to look forward to!

Welcome video and intro to apps to download (there's only 2) and schedule your onboarding call with Majesta.

then monthly...

New lessons will be available the 1st Monday of the month. 

3-5 hot seats available each month, join live and learn from each other. Replays available.

Office hours available for 10 minute Q&A's with Majesta. 

Co-working where you can carve out dedicated space for whatever you need w/ on-demand support from Majesta.

your investment

The meaning behind the number "77" can signify that it's time for courage, boldness & indicate a time for change. The time to follow one's biggest dreams and goals.

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Compared to other valuable business coaching & training...

Mastermind = $10,000-$30,000 per year
Business Coach = $2000-$5000 per month
Online Course = $2000-$8000 per course

The Biz Mom Collective includes all of this for $77/month.

meet your mentor

Hey friend, I'm Majesta Patterson. Your future Biz BFF, cheerleader and mentor for all things mom and business. For too long, I suffered feeling alone in my journey. Boy, was I wrong.

After running a successful business for 9 years, hitting burnout every year, and watching my friends do the same - something had to give. There had to be a better way. 

You have the information, you need the action and support to see it through. Like you, I've paid for the courses. I've downloaded the freebies. I've watched the masterclasses. They didn't change a damn thing until I had the support & accountability to figure out what worked for ME.

There's no prescription for business and you don't need one. We want to help you uncover and discover the success path for YOUR life, together. This is the Biz Mom Collective.

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"As an entrepreneur, I know how important it is to keep learning about various business topics and continue to seek motivation and inspiration from others. Majesta provides both of these things."

- alyssa

in other words...

"Majesta freely shares her wisdom like a cherished friend. I have so many takeaways that I'm eager to implement in my business. Her content and printable PDFs add so much value that I would gladly pay for this service."

in other words...

- joy

"She's so real & open. I love her advice on building a business as a creative and mom. As a fellow entrepreneur and new mom it's been so helpful to me to listen to her wisdom & helpful tips that I can use for my business."

in other words...

- melissa