is this you?

You know that you can't do it alone. That you deserve to rest, not quit. And that taking care of yourself is also taking care of others (family and clients).

Afterall, you know that you can do ANYTHING but you can't do everything. And that your own self care can be the tipping point of your success.

You've probably also heard that if you believe it, you'll become it. And pivoting doesn't mean you're giving up, it means your willing to be open to opportunities to expand your purpose & increase your revenue.

If you're looking to grow your business with consistency while having time and energy to do all the things without being completely burned out and exhausted, then you probably already know that you need some strategy & accountability.

Foundational business building strategies to eliminate overwhelm & get focused AF.

Boost your confidence with consistency & creative content with like-minded biz BFF's who get it.

Ensure your time & energy for your family and proactively prioritize space for self care.

Pivot your unique value & irresistible offer to magnetically attract new clients 

you need to win back time

4 mindset shifts





Pivoting isn't about giving up. Pivoting is: changing what's not working, challenging yourself to grow, calibrating your brand values, cultivating a new mindset.

By embracing the process, your watch your bottom line grow in purpose and in profits. Pivoting is never quitting, it's the pursuit of something greater. 

01. pivoting isn't plan b, it's part of the process.


Pivoting creates opportunities to expand purpose & increase revenue.



You don’t want to niche because you don't want to lose money on the table. You’re trying to do it all, talking to everyone while selling to no one, unable to see if all your effort is actually doing anything. 

Your fulfillment will come from finding purpose through your passion. You don't have to chase it for the paycheck. Go ALL IN on your *thing* and you'll be magnetic.



Believe it and you'll become it.


Nine years into this entrepreneur gig and this gets me - making sure everything is just "so", having all the answers, making sure everything is polished.

But guess what? No one cares as much as you do. Sorry, Charlie. I love you, but I promise that no one is paying that close of don't sweat the small stuff!



When motivation runs out, persistence & discipline are needed. Sprinkle in some grit & gumption, there's no stopping you.


You’re trying to do all the things, run the business, take care of the babies, and it's easy to burn out. Just like our muscles fatigue and need rest, so do ours minds.

Taking care of yourself IS taking care of others. By being the best version of you, you can start showing up as the person you want to be, in both business & motherhood.



Start thinking of rest as a key part of the process. Rest is a necessary piece that has to take place to produce your best work.

Even though the Reasons to pivot are a no-brainer, the process to making your idea→ reality

but idk where to start.


Every year, you write down your big dreams and ideas for how this will be the year that your business finally hits 6 figures, you'll be working with high-end clients, and you'll finally set yourself apart with your marketing.

However you're faced with either fierce competitors who make you feel defeated and doubting yourself, or newbies who are lowballing the industry. You're not really sure how to show your face on Instagram without sweating and you hate taking pictures of yourself.

It's a rollercoaster of emotion being an entrepreneur - even when your attention isn't divided with kids & family life.

Even with the best intentions, most mom-entrepreneurs end up forgetting their big goals, feeling pricing paralysis, under endless to-do lists, catching up on email, working late nights, and struggling with imposter syndrome....all before you've even gotten a chance to create a plan for your new ideas.

Here’s why most mompreneurs jump ship on their goals:

Here’s why this is pour-me-a-glass-of-Chardonnay overwhelming:

You’ve got clients to take care of, babies to feed, you literally can’t afford to waste any more time on something new.

And the moment you get excited about a new project, it’s almost impossible to find the extra time to dedicate to it.

You can’t AFFORD to waste any more time focusing on the crap that doesn’t matter.

Which means…even if you've made changes in the past, said you'd do one thing & never followed through - there’s still a chance for you to pivot, clean up the chaos, and become laser-focused on what matters most. 

"i have sooooo many ideas"

Pivoting is your chance.

Smart, successful businesses view pivoting as an opportunity. Don't give up your dreams because you're burnt out. You can find balance between building a business and raising babies - we're here to show you how.

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Believe it until you become it.

no one will believe you before you do.

A 4-week group accelerator program for female entrepreneurs to build a powerful brand & profitable business with simple strategies.

Pivot to profit

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here's how it breaks down:

personal purpose

week one

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Get crystal frickin' clear on your core purpose so you can effortlessly plan for the future and connect with your audience.

prep your prospect

week two

Simplify and streamline your offers for your clients while scaling your income and overcoming pricing objections.

plan your social

week three

produce for profit

week four

Marketing strategies that will bring your brand and business to life, creating repeatable clients & attracting new ones.

Plan and prep your content consistency strategy for repurposing content and maximizing your marketing efforts.

Weekly lessons & group coaching to take the guesswork out of growth with live Q&A's.

Private Slack Community for peer support & feedback available 24/7 with like-minded mom entrepreneurs.

Weekly Accountability with check-ins and goal setting, we're here to empower you to take action.

Downloadable homework & resources for you to implement right away, as well as replay videos.

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join the pivot to profit WAITLIST

You're multi-passionate and want to add more services to your biz, but have trouble figuring out where to start.

You want passion-fueled and purpose driven success in your biz again, instead of ending burning out every season.

You’re ready to reclaim time with your family and create the lifestyle you crave for your family life.

You're dedicated to implementing your next big idea and want to establish yourself as an expert.

that's me!

pivot to profit

is perfect for you if...

pivot to profit

is NOT for you if...

You like the hustle & grind, overworking yourself and figuring things out the hard way.

You're a serial course buyer looking for the magic answer, even though information overload has you feeling overwhelmed.

You like doing it alone and not interested in connecting with like-minded biz moms.

You don't need the mindset strategy, you're strong enough to carry the weight of it all. You're Supermom, afterall.

"As an entrepreneur, I know how important it is to keep learning about various business topics and continue to seek motivation and inspiration from others. Majesta provides both of these things."

- alyssa

"Majesta freely shares her wisdom like a cherished friend. I have so many takeaways that I'm eager to implement in my business. Her content and printable PDFs add so much value that I would gladly pay for this service."

- joy

"She's so real & open. I love her advice on building a business as a creative and mom. As a fellow entrepreneur and new mom it's been so helpful to me to listen to her wisdom & helpful tips that I can use for my business."

- melissa

in other words...