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I'm Majesta, I'm a Photographer by trade turned Business Empowerment Coach for women entrepreneurs. Every other week, I write a new message and story that will guide you to build the business you go to bed dreaming about.

I truly believe that you can do anything - but you need to believe it too. Your mindset & skillsets are your greatest assets to your business - allowing you to use any strategy to catapult your business.

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The hottest topic from my family clients is – “what do I wear?!” I get it. I have the same panicking question when I schedule our family photos, texting our photographer to get her opinion. Now that I have a family and have experienced a few last minute outfits that I wasn’t crazy about but […]

What to Wear for Family Pictures

September 10, 2018

Since we’re nearing the end of wedding season (about a month and a half left, if you’re curious) and we’re going into booking season, I figured I’d chat about things you’d do towards the beginning of your planning process, questions you may have and work our way through some great tips over the course of […]

Engagement Photos: Why, When, Where & What to Wear!

September 1, 2017

Now’s the time for engagement sessions and I’ve been asked by my couples “what should we wear?!” So I decided to put together a (hopefully) helpful guide to how to go about picking your outfits for your session. I can’t tell you what to wear and how you should look, these pictures should reflect you […]

Outfit Tips for your Engagement Session

January 26, 2012

Planoly – database for my social media photos and allows me to schedule my Instagram posts. Has great statistics and is a great way to visualize your newsfeed. Asana – Keep my projects, client work, ideas & daily to-do’s in one place to manage. I like that I can assign deadlines, attach them to team […]

Apps that I use daily in my business

April 2, 2019

Hi there! Can you believe it’s been almost a month? Time has gotten away from me, no surprise there. This is a two part personal post of March & April. I’ve found that while the weather got gloomy, I took less pictures of our family because we were stuck indoors. We barely took any pictures […]

Patterson Family in March & April 2018

May 11, 2018