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I'm Majesta, I'm a Photographer by trade turned Business Empowerment Coach for women entrepreneurs. Every other week, I write a new message and story that will guide you to build the business you go to bed dreaming about.

I truly believe that you can do anything - but you need to believe it too. Your mindset & skillsets are your greatest assets to your business - allowing you to use any strategy to catapult your business.

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Love photographing the Capelo family every year! The girls have grown so much in the past 3 years. They are spunkier, faster and definitely more grown up. Love letting kids be kids at family sessions, who doesn’t want to see their big and true personalities explode in photos?! 

Bay Area Family Photographer

November 7, 2018

Hudson’s One Year Photos

October 8, 2018

Bay Area Mommy & Me Photography

October 5, 2018

The hottest topic from my family clients is – “what do I wear?!” I get it. I have the same panicking question when I schedule our family photos, texting our photographer to get her opinion. Now that I have a family and have experienced a few last minute outfits that I wasn’t crazy about but […]

What to Wear for Family Pictures

September 10, 2018

This family is not new to the blog but Jackson is! Lauren & Steven have been in front of my camera NINE times, from engagement to wedding and now each pregnancy to baby. I’m so lucky to have clients like them that trust me year after year! It’s the reason I do what I do, […]

Bay Area Newborn Photographer

August 31, 2018