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Recovering perfectionist, deep conversation seeker, and creative entrepreneur. Majesta is an award-winning photographer, entrepreneur & aspiring thought leader.

Majesta dabbles in podcasting, where she offers vulnerable and powerful conversations around living life full of purpose and the audio version of blog posts.

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One year ago, last September, I launched my first online program that helped mom entrepreneurs develop a strategy to grow their business on their terms, without burnout. I learned SO much from tactical implementation, software, integrations to how much mental fortitude it takes to get through a launch. I’ve since launched a second time, rebranded […]

5 Unexpected Lessons I Learned By Launching My New Business


I’ve been waiting for the perfect moments all my life. From having kids to starting a second business, starting a podcast, talking about my offers, and sitting down to write. Big important dreams feel like you need big special moments in time to accomplish them. But… You have to strike while the iron is hot. […]

The Perfect Time to Work on Your Big Dreams


Today we’re talking all about hiring. We discussed with Lisa Van Groningen, from Your Mom Village, all about what hiring could look like in your business and in your motherhood. We were also joined by White Dove Ganon who is a serial entrepreneur but now she’s helping women who own businesses within her FEMnation community. […]

Real Talk w/ Biz Moms on Hiring & Outsourcing

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Miriam Jacobson health and nutrition

Today we’re chatting with Miriam Jacobson who is a lady of many acronyms including registered dictation and triple certified nutritionist who specializes in functional medicine. I loved talking to Miriam. I think it’s so fascinating how food effects our bodies and we’re diving into how food effects all the areas of our lives. From our […]

Eating for Your Mental & Physical Health with Miriam Jacobson

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This week I’m talking all about time management with Holly Gillen, Christine Rico, and Rania Chow. These women have a diverse skill set, but also a diverse motherhood experience. Christine Ricoh is the CEO and founder of CFO on speed dial. She’s raised a twenty-two-year-old and an 18-year-old living in New York. Then we have […]

Real Talk w/ Biz Moms on Time Management

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