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Recovering perfectionist, deep conversation seeker, and creative entrepreneur. Majesta is an award-winning photographer, entrepreneur & aspiring thought leader.

Majesta dabbles in podcasting, where she offers vulnerable and powerful conversations around living life full of purpose and the audio version of blog posts.

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So excited to share these family photos that Jess from Birch Studio Photography took for us last November. I get full on mom-stress mode about my kids smiling and behaving in front of the camera, plus making sure my hair isn’t a hot mess (even though it’s always amazing after Cherise does it) and that I’m […]

Aptos Family Photographer

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Well this post is a little late but I turned 28 in May and man, it’s weird getting old. I think most of you must feel the way I do – young spirited with more life experience than you had when you were 18. Meaning, I feel 18 or 21 but have loads more responsibility […]

My 28th Year!


Hi there! Can you believe it’s been almost a month? Time has gotten away from me, no surprise there. This is a two part personal post of March & April. I’ve found that while the weather got gloomy, I took less pictures of our family because we were stuck indoors. We barely took any pictures […]

Patterson Family in March & April 2018


Hello my friends! I’m going to be starting a monthly blog, sharing my favorite photos of Asher & Scarlett from the past month.  This is going to be a part of How to Organize Your Family Photos which I’ll be releasing next week! This is a combo Jan/Feb post because I only took Asher’s 2 month milestone […]

Personal Post February 2018


Santa Cruz has quickly become one of our favorite places to go as a family. But first, coffee. Don’t forget to get an Ethiopian pour over (Zach’s) or an iced latte with house-made syrup (Majesta’s) from Verve Coffee. Our favorite Verve locations are in Aptos, 41st Avenue or Seabright. We usually hit Verve on 41st, […]

Santa Cruz, CA