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Pivoting to Different Industries with Kim Guiley from Aptos Village Creative

Business, Podcast

by Majesta Patterson

Pivoting to Different Industries with Kim Guiley from Aptos Village Creative

Kim is just an amazingly kind friend, mother, doula, and creative entrepreneur and I’ve been so lucky to share so many special moments of my life with her! When searching for people to interview for this podcast, I knew Kim’s interesting story from being a copywriter for a women’s magazine to going to cosmetology school and doing hair and makeup, to becoming a mother and creating a successful Etsy shop, which led her to become a doula and now, a creative digital agency with her husband, Travis, would leave us with so many nuggets of wisdom from someone who has experienced so much as an entrepreneur over the past 10 years.

Kim shares all these pivots throughout her life, how she became successful so quickly within each industry and how community played a huge role in that success. Her way of using collaborations and gauging interest through social media was innovative and clearly strategic as she was a new mother.

My favorite parts of her interview are when we talk about following our passions, creating boundaries which lead to freedom and ultimately, how being authentic throughout her personal and business life have brought her this far in her career as an entrepreneur.

SO excited for you to hear this interview. I hope you feel inspired and find unity in that we are all just figuring it out as we go, and using our experiences along the way.

Kim mentions collaborations while she was running Heart of Hazel. I created an actionable checklist for you on how to run your own giveaway and collaborate with others to grow your community of followers. This strategy can be used on any social platform, including your website and email list!

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