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How to Create a Personal Brand with Anna Vatuone


by Majesta Patterson

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Anna is a personal brand strategist and helps business owners, CEOs and influencers create personal brands for themselves. When I asked Anna how she helps them create a personal brand, she explained: she helps them define what they want to be known for.

We chat about how to use a personal brand in your business, who needs it and why; and, lastly, why you have to have a mission behind your personal brand.

Anna talks about Your Why, Your Mission as the cornerstone of your personal brand – really any brand. And using that as a compass in your business.

My favorite part about our interview is that Anna explained that personal branding is a long game. Which can be hard for some people to accept. She says:

“Personal branding is the long game. I can’t stress this enough. You will continue to build and manage it for years to come. But what the, the best part about it is that it’s a lifelong asset. It’s something that you continue to build and grow and water and it’s cool because it’s going to change over time. You know, don’t feel like a personal brand is a construct. It’s not all, it’s just how you want to be presented to the world. And so yeah, but that’s, I would say to get started, start writing it out. You know, what’s your messaging look like and what’s your why.”

Check out Anna’s work here:

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