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I'm a girl who started a business at 21 with a photography degree and a passion. After adding kids to the mix, my passion turned into supporting like-minded biz moms to pursue their big goals and create the lifestyle they love. I love all things pink, a big breath of fresh air, Peloton cycling and hitting up our local wineries in the sunshine!

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My 28th Year!


by Majesta Patterson

Well this post is a little late but I turned 28 in May and man, it’s weird getting old. I think most of you must feel the way I do – young spirited with more life experience than you had when you were 18. Meaning, I feel 18 or 21 but have loads more responsibility and know how to navigate more challenges and triumphs in life. Zach and I went out for a nice dinner for my birthday, left the kids at home, and snuck in a photo session by our good friend and fellow photographer, Catie. Which was a great surprise planned by my hubby and it was a great way to commemorate my 27th year!SaveSave

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  1. zhuomei wu says:

    nice. where was this location? thank you

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