The Perfect Time to Work on Your Big Dreams

September 5, 2020

I’ve been waiting for the perfect moments all my life. From having kids to starting a second business, starting a podcast, talking about my offers, and sitting down to write. Big important dreams feel like you need big special moments in time to accomplish them. But…

You have to strike while the iron is hot.

I’ve been waiting for the perfect time that I don’t have something due immediately, requiring me to sit at my desk, when the kids are quiet and napping, and I can go outside on my laptop to write. Oh, and when I’m inspired and not too tired.

There seems to be something, always, that demands your attention, more than the stuff that you want to work on and look forward to. The anticipation making it that much bigger and the need for an even-more monumental moment to finally make it happen.

What if there’s no *real* perfect moment? What if you gave in to the right feelings even when it’s not ideal timing?

It’s easy to fantasize about inspiration and motivation like they are infinite wells that you can tap into. The reality is that motivation is fleeting like an emotion, it runs out.

When DO you feel motivated and inspired? and what if you created more moments like these and gave into that flow?

Maybe it’s after you exercise or take a shower. Maybe it’s at 5am or 10pm. Maybe it’s not even at your desk, maybe it’s in the backyard.

Waiting until the perfect moment to feel inspired and in-flow, in the perfect environment, is simply putting off what’s important to you. It might feel like you’re prioritizing it by giving it your most valuable time (perhaps the time you feel most in-control over) but instead, you’re doing the opposite. Whomp, whomp.

What I’ve learned through running a business, having kids, improving my fitness, and working at home with kids during a pandemic is:

Start now. Use your imperfect moments as practice. So when you have your so-called perfect time to do the important things, you’ll feel confident knowing exactly what needs to happen. You’ll be better at it, ready for it. Sometimes those big important things really need to start slow so when the time is right, you can act fast.

Starting now, messy, and imperfect timing can be your strength. You’ll find that over time, your imperfect timing will really be the perfect time that you needed.

What are you going to get started on?

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